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Healthy Meal Plan- 5 Day a Week Monthly Meal Plan with Done for You Shopping List


No one wants to plan the dinner menu. Take the work out of planning dinner with this 5 day a week monthly menu plan. that feature low point, healthy recipes. With 20 recipe cards included ready to print, this ebook features 5 days a week of healthy dinner ideas for 4 weeks, 4 done for you shopping lists and printable recipe cards. 

I saw a meme once that said the worst part of being a grown up was having to plan dinner each night. It really is the worse. With this menu plan, the work is done for you to help you stay on track eating low calorie, low fat, low point!

Save time. Save money. And have WAY less stress with the done for you 5 day a week, monthly menu plan. 

With this ebook, you are getting so much to make your low point dinner time easy. 

  • 20 of my favorite low point dinner recipes. – The recipes are ready to print with their own recipe cards. There is a nice variety of recipes included but all of them are aimed to be family friendly, because no one wants to make 2 separate dinners. 
  • Printable Menu at a Glance-Print the menu so you can easily see it at a glance. 
  • Done for You Shopping List-There are weekly shopping lists that include everything you need to make the menu for the week. Each one say what week it is to help keep you organized. There is even extra space provided for you to add the extras that you need to buy. 


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