Surviving a Low Point Holiday Ebook – Digital Download


This digital ebook is a great resource to help you get through the holidays without the guilt of going off track. Surviving a low point holiday is the perfect companion to your weight loss and healthy eating goals this holiday season.


We have all been there. We are doing great. Staying on track with the points, losing weight and feeling great. And then, the holidays show up. Those family get togethers, work parties and gift exchanges with friends. Before you know it, you have eaten your way through your daily points, activity points and weeklies. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Don’t let the holidays disrupt your weight loss goals. Or worse yet, make you gain weight. It doesn’t have to be that way. Learn how to make better choices, side step the unsupportive family and friends and enjoy yourself without the guilt.

What are you waiting for? Have the best low point holiday season ever. Included in this ebook: 20 low point recipes, grazing cheat sheet, meal planner with point space included as well as additional information to help stop the food pushers. ways to stay on track and the encouragement you need to stay within your point range during the holidays.


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